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Отлично-отлично :)

Отсюда: On the evening of July 28th, the Indlebe Radio Telescope, situated on the Steve Biko campus of the Durban University of Technology, successfully detected its first radio source from beyond the solar system. A strong signal was detected from Sagittarius A, the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, approximately 30 thousand light years away.

Отличный комментарий внизу %))):
The signal has been decoded..
Apparently Princess Azura wants to transfer 6Billion Billion Riles to your account as she is trying to get her recently deceased father's (The previous regent of her planet) funds out from under the newly imposed Military Junta on Sagitarius 19. What she needs from you is your Social Security number, address, phone number, bank details etc..

Жаль что, это все ерунда...
As someone stated above, it's the first radio transmission detected BY THEIR TELESCOPE. Sag A is a very well known radio source. NOT the first radio source ever detected - we have detected countless sources. Just BURY this one
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